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Coin Miner Review & Demo
Coin Miner Review & Demo
Goal Review & Demo
Goal Review & Demo
Minesweeper XY Review & Demo
Minesweeper XY Review & Demo

Where to Play Mines Games

Hold onto your hats, Mines enthusiasts! Before we delve into game mechanics, let’s highlight the top Mines gambling sites. These are prime spots bustling with opportunities. We’ve got the blueprints for each one, coming to you shortly. But for now, get ready to lock in the coordinates of the best destinations for your Mines adventure! Ready to strike gold? Let’s rumble! πŸš€

120% up to
€ 500 + 250 FS
Deposit of € 50 for FS β€’ Wager β€” Ρ…50, 72 hours (3 days) after crediting β€’ Maximum cashout x10

Get up to:
1st Deposit - Match Bonus up to 400€ β€’ 2nd / 3rd Deposit - Match Bonus up to 300€ β€’ New customers only β€’ Min deposit 10€

What is the Mines Gambling Game

Recall Minesweeper from the Windows XP days? It’s back with a bang! Thanks to Spribe and a host of crypto-gambling sites, you can now experience the same excitement, but with real money at stake! Here’s a quick break-down:

  • Rules of Play: The game features a 5Γ—5 grid with a minimum of one mine hidden. You, the player, decide the level of risk by choosing the number of potential bombs in the game.
  • Thinking Before Acting: Be wise! Playing on a grid with just one mine and cashing out after a few hits might not yield high profits. For a profit worth double your bet, you need to reveal at least two to three symbols (diamonds, stars, etc.), but no explosives, in a round.
  • Risk vs. Reward: Play it safe with fewer mines for an easy game, or take a gamble with more bombs for bigger rewards. But mind the risk! More traps increase the chance of hitting one early in the game.

As the saying goes, no guts, no glory – the more picks you make without hitting a booby trap, the higher your reward. Buckle up for this thrilling fusion of classic gaming and modern-day payouts! Ready for the adventure? Let’s start mining!

Mining Game Rules

Your game begins on a treacherous minefield. How to navigate this field, you ask? Simple! It’s just a matter of strategic betting and pure luck.

  • Place Your Bet: To kick things off in this action-packed game, simply place your wager. Remember, in the world of Mines, you’re not just betting on your winning chances, but also on how MANY squares you’ll be able to uncover without detonating a mine!
  • Reveal Your Move: Once your bet is in place, begin by revealing a square on the grid. Be warned though β€” bombs are hidden in the squares, and if you unearth one, it’s BOOM, game over!
  • Continue Revealing or Cash Out: If you manage to avoid the explosives, congratulations! You can now choose to continue revealing more squares (increasing your multipliers and possibly your winnings) or play safe and cash out with your existing winnings.

The Best Mines games

Casino game lovers, prepare to be amazed as we present the top Mines games in this comprehensive guide! Highlighting their exciting features, we’ll give you insight into how to play and maximize your gaming experience.

Coin Miner

Where Luck and Skill Strike Gold! Brought to you by Gaming Corps, Coin Miner features a 5Γ—5 grid packed with suspense. Discover the tiles, revealing valuable gold coins or lurking mines. The number of bombs ranges from 1 to 24, increasing the adrenaline-pumping difficulty level. As you reveal more tiles successfully, watch your bet multipliers soar! Be prepared for an RTP range from 96.59% to 97.32%.


Sportsmanship Meets Strategy! Launched in 2021, Goal redefines gambling games, mixing football with the Mines gaming experience. The RTP stands at 97%, exuding high volatility gameplay. Choose from different grid sizes – small (3Γ—4), medium (4Γ—7), or large (5Γ—10), with payouts escalating at every successful on-field move. It’s a game for those who crave adventure and strategy!

Minesweeper XY

Customizable Challenge! Boasting an impressive 98.40% RTP, Minesweeper XY offers personalization like none other. Tailor your gaming scenario with various field sizes (2Γ—3, 3Γ—6, 4Γ—9, 5Γ—12, or 6Γ—15), creating an engaging experience that accommodates different gameplay expectations and strategies.

Mines (Spribe)

Stars and Strategy! Mines (Spribe) entices with a 97% RTP, sporting an ingenious twist involving unveiling stars scattered on the field. As you unveil more stars, your winnings escalate; but beware, crafty booby traps await any missteps! It’s a game for risk-takers and strategists!

Mines dare2win

Diamond Hunting Excitement! Developed by Hacksaw Gaming, Mines dare2win boasts a 98% RTP. Players can choose from different grid sizes (3×3, 5×5, 7×7, or 9×9) and decide the number of explosives (1, 3, 5, 7, or custom) for a fully customizable experience. Uncover diamonds for increasing wins, but remember – hitting a booby trap erases it all. Enjoy this modern take on the classic Mines genre!

Explore these feature-packed Mines games, perfect for honing your skills and indulging in the electrifying gameplay. It’s high time to embark on your Mines gaming journey, and don’t forget – fortune favors the bold! Β 


So folks, buckle up! Immerse yourself in the tantalizing world of Mines games, test your mettle, and let the tiles decide your destiny. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer, there’s a significant amount of excitement, risk, and reward waiting to be unleashed.

Remember, every game has its quirks, and balancing strategy with sheer luck, these games provide a ticket to vibrant entertainment and potential wins. You don’t just play these games; you live them! With high RTP rates, customizable field sizes, adjustable difficulty levels, and so much more, there’s a game to fit every style, strategy and bravery level.