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Rocketon, a crash game with a “Half Cash-Out” feature, offers Auto Bet and Auto Cashout for dynamic gameplay.

Rocketon Game Demo

๐Ÿ’ก Hint: Turn on the rotation feature on your device to play in landscape mode ๐Ÿ”„. Then, in the game settings, hit the fullscreen button.

Where to play Rocketon

Rocketon is available to play for real money on the following platforms:

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Rocketon review

Rocketon is a captivating casino game that is perfect for quick, engaging bouts of play. Its simplicity is one of its best features, making it an excellent choice for beginners or those looking for uncomplicated fun. The graphics and sound effects create an immersive experience, and the wide platform availability is a major plus.

However, Rocketon does come with some drawbacks. The house edge is noticeably high, which may deter seasoned gamblers looking for better odds. The absence of progressive jackpots also limits the appeal for those dreaming of a big win.

The gameplay, while simple, can become repetitive over time, and the lack of strategic depth may not satisfy those looking for a challenge. Overall, Rocketon is a great pick for a quick, entertaining game, but may not hold up for long-term play or for those seeking substantial winnings.

  • Easy to learn and play, great for beginners
  • Realistic graphics and sound effects
  • Available on multiple platforms, including mobile
  • Limited strategy involved, mostly luck-based
  • Can become monotonous over time due to repetitive gameplay

Game Overview

Rocketon, a crash game by Galaxsys launched in 2020, entices risk-takers worldwide. Players bet before a rocket launch and must cash out before it explodes. It features a “Half Cash-Out” option and boasts a 96.72% RTP. Bets range from 0.01 to 500, with an in-game chat for player interaction. Strategic betting, timely cashouts, and auto features are key to winning.

๐Ÿ” Return to Player96.72%
๐Ÿ“† Released2020
โš™๏ธ SoftwareGalaxsys
๐ŸŽจ ThemeRocket Crash
โฌ Min Bet0.01
โซ Max bet500
๐Ÿงฎ Multiplierfrom 1x
๐Ÿ† Max Winx700000


Rocketon is a dynamic casino game that provides an exciting opportunity to win big with a maximum multiplier of x700,000. The payout system is pretty straightforward yet thrilling, offering players a chance to capitalize on their gaming strategy.

The payout data revolves around a paytable that's mainly influenced by the game's multiplier. This multiplier, starting from odds of 1.00, begins to grow with the start of each round and continues to increase until the Rocket explodes.

  • The payout calculation is based on the point at which the player decides to cash out. The player's earnings are determined by multiplying their stake by the value of the multiplier at the moment they hit the “cashout” button.
  • For instance, if a player stakes $10 and cashes out when the multiplier is at x5, the player's payout will be $50. The key is to cash out before the Rocket explodes, as doing so after the explosion results in a loss of the staked amount.
  • The maximum win potential is determined by the maximum multiplier of x700,000. If a player were to cash out at this exact multiplier, their initial stake would be multiplied by 700,000, resulting in a tremendous win.

However, it's crucial to remember that the game is a gamble, and the Rocket can explode at any moment. Therefore, a key part of the strategy is knowing when to cash out to maximize earnings while minimizing potential losses.

Key Features


Rocketon has an integrated chat system that allows players to interact and socialize with each other during gameplay.

Half Cashout

Players can secure half of their winnings – a strategic move that allows them to continue playing with the remaining earnings.

Auto Bet

This reduces the hassle of manually placing bets and allows players to focus more on the gameplay.

Auto Cashout

Allows players to pre-define the odds at which they want to cash out and control the amount of risk they take with each bet within their comfort zone.

How to Play Rocketon

Start the Game
Rocketon is an online casino game that begins with players placing their bets before the start of the game. You can do this by specifying your bet amount in the provided field and clicking on the ‘Bet' button.
Watch the Rocket and Odds
Once all bets are placed, the rocket launches. As the rocket begins to rise, the odds also start to increase. However, keep in mind that the rocket can explode at any moment, which will end the round.
Decide When to Cash Out
While the rocket is rising and the odds are growing, you have the option to cash out at any time. To do so, click on the ‘Cashout' button. If you cash out before the rocket explodes, you win the current odds multiplied by your bet amount. Additionally, you also have the option to click on the ‘Cashout 50%' button to win half of your bet amount. The other half will remain in the game until you decide to perform another ‘Cashout'.
Learn the Outcomes
If you do not cash out before the rocket explodes, you lose the round and your bet. You can place up to two bets per round.
Use the Autobet and Auto Cashout Features
Rocketon also offers ‘Autobet' and ‘Auto Cashout' features. With autobet, your bets will be placed automatically for a defined number of rounds. For auto cashout, you can input a specific odd, and the system will automatically cash out when that odd is reached. By default, the auto cashout is set to 2.5.

Tips and Tricks

Rocketon is a game that combines luck and strategy. Here are some tips to help improve your gameplay.

  • Start Small: If you are new to the game, it's wise to start with smaller bets until you get the hang of when to cash out.
  • Use the Half Cash Out: The unique ‘Half Cash Out' function can be a useful tool. It allows you to secure part of your winnings while still keeping some of your bets in the game.
  • Watch the Odds: Pay close attention to the growing odds and try to cash out before the rocket explodes. This requires quick decision-making and a bit of luck.
  • Use Autobet and Auto Cashout: These features can be helpful for managing your bets, especially if you plan to play multiple rounds.

Remember, while Rocketon can be an exciting and rewarding game, it's essential to play responsibly and within your means.

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