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Rocket Dice XY brings the age-old thrill of dice games to online casino gaming, offering an exciting blend of strategy and chance with a user-friendly interface.

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๐Ÿ’ก Hint: Turn on the rotation feature on your device to play in landscape mode ๐Ÿ”„. Then, in the game settings, hit the fullscreen button.

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Rocket Dice XY review 2024

Meet Rocket Dice XY, a modern, enhanced take on the classic dice game. Enjoy the straightforward yet exciting gameplay while trying your luck with its generous multipliers and risk mode. Play this BGaming-powered dice game and see if fortune favors you.

  • Simple gameplay mechanics
  • Risk mode for potential higher rewards
  • High RTP (97.92% – 98.33%)
  • No storyline or theme
  • Limited strategic options due to its primarily luck-based nature

Game Overview

Rocket Dice XY offers a unique and fun betting experience. Players correctly guess whether the roll's outcome will be higher or lower than their chosen number (from 2 to 12) with the parameters โ€œoverโ€ or โ€œunderโ€.

๐Ÿ” Return to Player97.92% – 98.33%
๐Ÿ“† ReleasedMar 24, 2022
โš™๏ธ SoftwareBGaming
๐ŸŽจ ThemeDice Gambling
๐Ÿ“ˆ VolatilityHigh
โซ Min Bet1
โฌ Max bet100
๐Ÿงฎ Multiplierfrom 1.01x
๐Ÿ† Max Win35.3x

Payout Data and Explanation

The house edge is 1.67% – 2.08% depending on the playerโ€™s chosen strategy, meaning that in the long run, the game is designed for the house to keep 1.67% to 2.08% of all player bets. This is relatively low for casino games, making Rocket Dice XY a potentially profitable game for players.

Based on the chosen “over” or “under” number (from 2 to 12), there are different payoff results as described in the table below:

Over 2 / Under 121.01X
Over 3 / Under 111.07X
Over 4 / Under 101.18X
Over 5 / Under 91.36X
Over 6 / Under 81.68X
Over 7 / Under 72.35X
Over 8 / Under 63.53X
Over 9 / Under 55.88X
Over 10 / Under 411.8X
Over 11 / Under 335.3X

To explain, if player places a bet, let's say $10, and chooses “Over 8” and the result of the dice roll is 9, the player will win 3.53 times their bet. In this case, a $10 bet would result in a $35.30 win. Conversely, if they were to choose “Under 3”, their multiplier would be 35.3X meaning a winning $10 bet would return a substantial $353.

Key Features

Rocket Dice XY keeps it simple, focusing on the core mechanics of dice games while offering high RTP and a captivating risk mode to keep players engaged. Here's a quick look at the game's key data:

  • Graphics: Rocket Dice XY boasts crisp and clean visuals, with pleasing shades of the table coverings and an easy-to-navigate interface.
  • Gameplay mechanics: The game's core mechanics focus on guessing whether each roll's outcome will be higher or lower than a chosen number (from 2 to 12), with over/under betting and auto-play options.
  • Sounds: The immersive ambient sound effects enhance the overall gaming experience.
  • Themes: Embodying the essence of classic dice games, Rocket Dice XY showcases a traditional casino setting and invites players for an exhilarating dice-rolling adventure.
  • Risk Mode: Players can engage in the Risk mode after each winning roll to potentially double their winnings.

How to Play

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to play Rocket Dice XY.

Start by selecting a bet value. This is done by using the + and – buttons on the table, with the minimum bet being $1 and the maximum bet $100.
Selects a number. This is done by using the โ†‘ and โ†“ buttons on the playing field of the table. You can choose any number from 2 to 12.
Bet the roll outcome will be higher (over) or lower (under) than the chosen number.
Hit the roll button or the dice cup. The two dice will roll, and the points on each face will add together to provide the result.
If the player wins a roll, they may choose to engage in the Risk mode. In this mode, they must select 3 out of 6 numbers. If the result of the next roll matches one of the selected numbers, the player's prize is doubled.

Tips and Tricks

Though Rocket Dice XY is a game of chance, certain strategies might enhance one's gambling experience:

  • Start with smaller bets and gradually increase them as you get comfortable with the gameplay.
  • Pay careful attention to the Paytable and the odds, and try to set bets that offer the best balance of risk and reward.
  • Utilize the Risk mode only if you are comfortable with potentially losing your win from the previous roll. It's a 50/50 chance, but the reward can be quite significant.

Remember to always play responsibly and set budget limits to ensure you gamble within your means.

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