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Experience the thrill of the American game show classic, reinvented for the online gaming space.

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💡 Hint: Turn on the rotation feature on your device to play in landscape mode 🔄. Then, in the game settings, hit the fullscreen button.

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Plinko review 2024

Plinko (Spribe) is a game of thrill derived from a popular American game that has successfully transitioned into the landscape of online and cryptocurrency casinos. The simplicity of gameplay, paired with its dynamic difficulty levels, makes the game appealing to a wide audience of gamblers.

Though its repetition can be a downside for some, the thrilling anticipation of where the disc will land never fails to keep players on their toes. Adaptable autoplay settings add an element of customization that ensures the game matches your strategy.

  • Simple and entertaining.
  • Varied difficulty levels.
  • Customizable autoplay settings.
  • No soundtrack
  • Can be repetitive

Game Overview

Plinko, a captivating game inspired by a popular American game show, is now a hot favorite in online casinos, especially those dealing in cryptocurrency. Gameplay is ingeniously simple: press one of three colored buttons to release a corresponding disc from the top of the board.

The disc is deflected by a series of strategically placed pegs as it falls and ultimately lands on one of the bottom coefficients – the multipliers of your bet. You have the power to adjust the number of pins and therefore the difficulty level of the game. For continuous play with specific settings, the game features an autoplay option that gamers can customize according to their preference.

🔁 Return to Player97%
📆 Released20 Jan 2021
⚙️ SoftwareSpribe
🎨 ThemePlinko
📈 Volatilityadjustable
Min Bet0.10
Max bet100
🧮 Multiplierup to 353x
🏆 Max Win10.000


The potential payout in Plinko is directly tied to the color of the ball you choose and the amount you decide to bet on that round. The green, yellow, and red balls offer differing payouts.

  • Green ball multipliers are: 18, 3.2, 1.6, 1.3, 1.2, 1.1, 0.5, increasing your winnings substantially should your ball land in one of the higher multipliers.
  • Yellow ball multipliers are: 55, 12, 5.6, 3.2, 1.6, 1, 0.7, 0.2, offering higher potential multipliers for a higher risk.
  • Red multipliers are: 353, 49, 14, 5.3, 2.1, 0.5, 0.2, the highest risk, but with the highest potential payout.

Your winnings are calculated by multiplying your bet by the coefficient that your ball lands on. Thus, the maximum win in the game is achieved when a player bets with the maximum amount allowed on the red ball and it lands on the highest coefficient available, 353.

Key Features

Graphic Design: The game is sleek and well-designed, with a neat, clutter-free environment that emphasizes the game itself. Its visually appealing graphic design ensures simplicity and ease of navigation.
Gameplay Mechanics: The game offers straightforward gameplay mechanics which not only make it simple to understand but also easy to master. Additionally, it grants the player greater control over their gaming experience – from adjustable difficulty levels to customizable autoplay settings.
Three Color Options: Plinko comes with an exciting feature of three different colored balls, each associated with particular payouts and risk levels. It adds an interesting strategic element to the game, giving players the chance to decide how much risk they're willing to take.
Autoplay: This is a very useful feature, especially for those players who prefer long-term plans. The game provides customization for various settings in autoplay, including stop triggers that take effect if cash increases or decreases by a certain amount.
Game History: A distinct feature is the display of past outcomes in a dedicated “Last results” section. Having this information at a glance can be useful in formulating future strategies.
Sounds: Although Plinko does not include background music, the essential game sounds are present, adding an immersive aspect to the gameplay experience.
Provably Fair Settings: These ensure game fairness and add credibility, building trust among players. Transparency is the key, and Provably Fair is an important milestone in achieving it.

How to Play Plinko

  1. Begin by selecting your bet from the predefined bet amounts or input your own bet amount.
  2. Choose the complexity level by betting on Green, Yellow, or Red ball.
  3. Adjust the number of pins per field.
  4. Now, press the bet button corresponding to your chosen colored ball. The disc will drop and move down the pins.
  5. The round concludes as the ball lands on its cell. Your gain is the initial bet multiplied by the cell coefficient.
  6. You can further streamline this process by setting up autoplay, customizing it to stop at specific points based on your winning or losing limit.

Tips and Tricks

Start Simple

If you are new to Plinko betting games it's advisable to begin with the green ball and a lower bet amount. This approach allows you to understand the game mechanics before venturing into bigger bets and higher risk balls like yellow and red.

Monitor Last Results

Pay attention to the “Last Results” section displayed at the top of the board. Analysing the trends and outcomes could provide insight and influence your betting strategy.

Strategic Ball Selection

The color of the ball you choose represents the level of risk you are willing to take. Green ball has lower coefficients but a higher chance of winning, while the red ball offers much higher coefficients but has a lower chance of landing. Yellow lies in between, offering a balanced risk-reward scenario.

Use Autoplay Smartly

Use the Autoplay feature to your advantage, especially when you want to stick to a certain strategy for a longer duration. You can set up various conditions to stop autoplay such as when your cash decreases or increases by a certain amount, or if a single win exceeds a particular sum.

Risk Management

Just like any casino game, Plinko should be approached with a well thought out financial strategy. Betting more than you can afford to lose could lead to significant financial loss. Therefore, always manage your bets in accordance with your bankroll.

Remember, as much as strategies can guide your gameplay, Plinko remains a game of chance. It's all about the fun of the game, managing your risks and hopefully making some winnings on the way!

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