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Experience the excitement of a classic casino game with a unique twist!

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💡 Hint: Turn on the rotation feature on your device to play in landscape mode 🔄. Then, in the game settings, hit the fullscreen button.

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Plinko Dare2Win review 2024

Plinko Dare2Win is an online adaptation of the much-loved Plinko casino game that offers an enjoyable gaming experience for both new and seasoned players. Developed by the renowned Hacksaw Gaming, the game brilliantly infuses the classic Plinko experience into the online casino world. The high RTP of 98.98% provides an attractive edge to players, increasing their chances of winning big rewards.

The simplicity in gameplay makes Plinko Dare2Win an incredibly accessible option for those seeking an entertaining, yet straightforward gaming experience. The customizable game settings also ensure a tailored experience that caters to players' unique preferences and risk levels. As a result, Plinko Dare2Win guarantees a fun and engaging gameplay session every time.

While the game focuses on maintaining the simplicity that the original Plinko is known for, it does not compromise on the captivating atmosphere. With catchy, casino-style music accompanying the gameplay, the absence of significant animations can easily be overlooked when enjoying the fast-paced fun of dropping balls into multiplier zones.

In summary, Plinko Dare2Win not only provides players the classic Plinko thrill but also offers an enhanced gaming experience through its high RTP and customizable settings. The easy-to-understand gameplay and engaging atmosphere make for a high-quality gaming experience that keeps players captivated and yearning for more.

  • High RTP: with 98.98%, it is significantly higher than average online casino games, increasing the player's return over the long term.
  • Customizable Gameplay: the game offers different ways of configuring the game settings to cater to various risk levels and playstyles, enhancing the game experience.
  • Simplicity: Drawing its root from the classic casino game, the Plinko Dare2Win game maintains simplicity in its rules and gameplay, providing users an easy-to-follow gaming experience.
  • Amusing Music: The light-hearted, engaging music enhances the overall gaming atmosphere, making each playthrough entertaining.
  • Lack of Animations: The absence of visually enriching animations may not appeal to players who appreciate more visually engaging gameplay.
  • Absence of In-Game Chat: The lack of an in-game chat feature may limit social interactions among players, potentially reducing the overall immersive experience for some.

Game Overview

Plinko Dare2Win brings the classic game of Plinko to life in the online casino universe. With its easy-to-understand yet entertaining gameplay dynamics, this game is designed to cater to players of all experience levels. Released on May 23, 2023, by Hacksaw Gaming, Plinko Dare2Win boasts of a high Return to Player (RTP) of 98.98%. The game features customizable settings that allow players to adjust the game according to their risk appetite and overall playstyle.

🔁 Return to Player98.98%
📆 ReleasedMay 23, 2023
⚙️ SoftwareHacksaw Gaming
📈 VolatilityAdjustable
Min Bet0.10
Max bet100
🧮 MultiplierFrom 0.8x
🏆 Max Win3,843.3x the stake


Plinko Dare2Win offers players a unique chance to win up to 3,843.3 times their initial stake. This is made possible through the game's finely balanced system of risk and reward – the player can strategically set the number of rows and the risk level, which affect the available multipliers at the bottom of the pyramid.

As the player correctly predicts and places bets, the rewards can significantly multiply, thereby offering potential high payouts. The game has an array of potential multiplier rewards presented below the pyramid ranging from less rewarding (easy to land in), to high rewarding (difficult to land in). The highest multiplier, and thus the maximum payout, is 3843.3 which can be achieved under the right configurations:

Multiplier Zones: 0.8x – 3843.3x

The RTP of this game is 98.98%. It is deterministically calculated by a theoretical probability model and verified by running billions of simulations. Therefore, consistent strategy and play can yield significant returns for the players.

Key Features

Intuitive Gameplay: Plinko Dare2Win keeps it simple and engaging with straightforward game mechanics. Its minimalist design allows players to focus solely on their moves without any unnecessary distractions.
Configurable settings: This game extends beyond most in terms of customization by allowing players to determine the number of rows and their preferred risk level. These settings can be fine-tuned to match the playing style and risk tolerance of each player, leading to a truly personalized gaming experience.
Ambient Soundtrack: While Plinko Dare2Win may lack visual animations, this deficit is compensated for with a comforting and immersive musical backdrop. This enhancement maintains an inviting environment throughout your gaming session.
Inspiring Themes: The developers at Hacksaw Gaming give a nod to their international players by incorporating a cherished Asian pastime— pachinko. This inclusion broadens the cultural appeal of the game and adds uniqueness to an otherwise ordinary casino game.

How to Play Plinko Dare2Win

Configuration: Start by configuring the game to suit your playing style. Choose from 8 to 16 rows in your pyramid and your preferred risk level (low, medium, or high).

  1. Placing a Bet: Choose your bet amount and click on “BET” to start the game. This will release a ball at the top of the pyramid, which begins its descent, bouncing off the pegs.
  2. Winning: If a ball reaches the bottom of the pyramid, it falls into a multiplier zone. You win a prize based on the value of the multiplier times your bet amount. The zones in the middle award less, while the zones at the edges award more—with the potential max win reaching up to 3,843x your bet!
  3. Additional Betting: Feeling lucky? More than one ball can be in play at once, simply press “BET” again, as many times as you like, to drop more balls!
  4. Game Settings: Before placing your bet, you can adjust the game settings by choosing your preferred row count and risk level. These can be modified to suit your playstyle, with more rows and a higher risk level potentially leading to larger multipliers and cumulatively higher wins.

Remember, keep an eye on your balance and bet wisely! It's all about having fun and enjoying the game.

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