Minesweeper XY Review & Demo

Minesweeper XY Review & Demo

Minesweeper is a simple and well-known video game where your purpose is to walk through the minefield avoiding all the mines.
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MinesweeperXY is a nostalgic online casino game by BGaming with an impressive 98.40% RTP. Its engaging features and strategic gameplay offer a unique, immersive gaming experience.

  • High RTP rate at 98.4%
  • Suitable for Windows nostalgic players
  • Thrilling and absorbing gameplay with exciting sounds
  • No continuous background music
  • No in-built chat system
  • No bonus features

Minesweeper XY Game Demo

💡 Hint: Turn on the rotation feature on your device to play in landscape mode 🔄. Then, in the game settings, hit the fullscreen button.

Where to play Minesweeper XY

120% up to
€ 500 + 250 FS
Deposit of € 50 for FS • Wager — х50, 72 hours (3 days) after crediting • Maximum cashout x10

Get up to:
1st Deposit - Match Bonus up to 400€ • 2nd / 3rd Deposit - Match Bonus up to 300€ • New customers only • Min deposit 10€

Minesweeper XY review 2023

Welcome to our in-depth review of Minesweeper XY, a captivating online casino game brimming with nostalgia. Developed by BGaming and released on March 24, 2022, this game takes the vintage feel of the classic computer game Minesweeper, and transforms it into an online casino game experience that’s certainly worth your time. The game holds an impressive RTP of 98.40%, promising an exciting and potentially profitable gaming journey. Read on as we delve further into its gameplay mechanics, features and more!

Game Overview

Minesweeper XY is developed by BGaming and it’s something different from the typical slots and card games found in an online casino. It draws from the classic computer game we all know and love, and adds a layer of monetary excitement.

Return to Player (RTP)98.4%
FeaturesSounds on each play step, adjustable field sizes
ReleasedMar 24, 2022

Payout Details

In Minesweeper XY, each successful step you take in avoiding mines increases your winnings, with payout multipliers increasing as you move through the rows. The table below outlines the payout multipliers for each row:

11.18x your bet
21.41x your bet
31.7x your bet
42.03x your bet
52.44x your bet
62.93x your bet
73.52x your bet
84.22x your bet
95.06x your bet
106.07x your bet
117.29x your bet
128.75x your bet
1310.5x your bet
1412.6x your bet
1515.11x your bet

Keep in mind that with each step you take, the higher your payout multiplier will be. This dynamic system keeps the tension high and adds to the excitement of playing the game. Analysts and players alike appreciate this unique and engaging payout model.

Key Features

Minesweeper XY is packed with thrilling features that set it apart from other online casino games:

  • Variable field sizes: Choose between 2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12, and 6×15 field sizes to create a personally tailored gaming experience. The adjustable field sizes provide a versatile environment to suit different playstyles and preferences.
  • Strategic choices: The game isn’t just about luck. As a player, you need to make strategic choices with each step you take on the field. Outwitting the mine placements can lead to higher payout multipliers and a rewarding sense of accomplishment.
  • Nostalgic elements: The familiar visuals from the classic computer game appeal to those with a penchant for nostalgia, bringing back fond memories of simpler times. MinesweeperXY successfully combines old-school style with a fresh gaming approach.
  • Excitement and anticipation: The simple gameplay mechanics of stepping through fields, evading hidden mines and racking up winnings, creates an exhilarating atmosphere filled with suspense. This appealing blend of simplicity and risk-taking makes MinesweeperXY something special.
  • Immersive sound design: Although the game lacks continuous background music, the distinct sounds for each step and outcome add to the overall experience. These engaging audio cues play a crucial role in setting the mood and enhancing the MinesweeperXY ambiance.

How to Play Minesweeper XY

Follow these simple instructions to play Minesweeper XY:

  1. Choose between field sizes of 2×3, 3×6, 4×9, 5×12, and 6×15 in the game settings.
  2. To begin the game, press “Start”.
  3. Click any square in the highlighted row to choose your next block on the field. Each safe step you make without landing on a mine increases your winnings and gets you closer to the ultimate payout!
  4. Press “COLLECT” to cash out at any time.
  5. Step cautiously! If you land on a mine, you lose your original wager and any previous winnings.

Remember, the key is to make careful, strategic decisions to avoid the mines and achieve the highest possible payout!

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