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Mines Use is a game where players uncover stars and avoid mines to increase winnings. Features include customizable autoplay settings, adjustable risk levels, and high returns, with a simple format.

Mines (Spribe) Game Demo

πŸ’‘ Hint: Turn on the rotation feature on your device to play in landscape mode πŸ”„. Then, in the game settings, hit the fullscreen button.

Casinos with Mines (Spribe)

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Mines (Spribe) review

Mines is an enthralling online casino game that stands out from traditional gambling options. Its straightforward gameplay and unique concept draw players into a world of hidden treasures and risks. The game is accessible to novices, yet its luck and skill combination engages veterans.

The game's strength lies in its varied betting options, catering to different financial capacities. However, Mines has downsides, such as a high house edge in certain versions and limited variations compared to classic casino games.

Impatient players might find Mines frustrating, as it requires strategic risk-taking. The simplicity might also underwhelm experienced gamblers seeking complex challenges. Additionally, Mines is an online-only experience, missing the social interaction of physical casinos.

In summary, Mines provides a distinctive and engaging gambling experience for fans of simple, skill-based games. While it may not suit all preferences, it's an excellent addition to online casino gaming and worth trying for a novel and thrilling experience.

  • Varied betting options
  • Suitable for various budgets
  • Simple, easy-to-learn gameplay
  • Overly basic for seasoned gamblers
  • Lacks social interaction

Game Overview

Mines by Spribe, released on 2021-09-12, is a strategic game where players uncover stars and avoid mines. With a 97% RTP, it suits both new and experienced gamers. Bets range from 0.1 to 100, with low to medium volatility. The game features a simple interface, adjustable odds, and potential for varied strategies. Auto play may vary by casino. The maximum win depends on the operator.

πŸ” Return to Player97%
πŸ“† Released2021-09-12
βš™οΈ SoftwareSpribe
🎨 ThemeMines Gambling
πŸ“ˆ VolatilityLow-Medium
⏬ Min Bet0.1
⏫ Max bet100
πŸ† Max Win10000


In the casino game of Mines, the payout data and calculation of earnings are determined by a simple paytable. This paytable revolves around the total number of stars a player uncovers and their initial stake.

  • The game is played on a 5×5 grid, with each tile hiding either a star or a mine. The player's task is to uncover as many stars as possible without hitting a mine.
  • The player can set their bet from 1 to 20. The potential payout increases with the number of stars uncovered.
  • For instance, if a player bets 1 and uncovers three stars, they may get a return of 5 times their stake. The exact multiplier varies and will be displayed on the paytable.
  • The key to earning higher payouts lies in the player's ability to uncover more stars and avoid mines. Each uncovered star increases the odds and potential rewards.
  • Players have the option to cash out after each turn. This decision makes the game more strategic, as players must weigh the potential rewards of uncovering more stars against the risk of hitting a mine.
  • The maximum win in Mines is a whopping 10000. This can be achieved by betting the maximum amount and successfully uncovering a high number of stars.

Understanding the payout data and the calculation of earnings in Mines is critical to devising a winning strategy. The thrill of the game lies in the balance between risk and reward, as players attempt to uncover as many stars as possible without hitting a mine.

Key Features

Simple Minesweeper Format

It takes inspiration from the classic game of Minesweeper, making the game easy to navigate and understand, even for beginners.

Adjustable Risk Level

This means that players can set their comfort level regarding how risky they want their gameplay to be. It caters to both high-risk takers and conservative players.

High Return Rate

Players can potentially receive significant payouts, making the game highly rewarding with great odds and frequent returns.

Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay involves uncovering squares on a grid, similar to Minesweeper. However, in this case, finding a mine results in a loss.

How to Play Mines

Mines is astrategic casin o game where the objective is to reveal as many stars as possible while avoiding hidden mines. With each revealed star, the payout multiplier increases, allowing for potentially huge wins. Follow the step-by-step instructions below to learn how to play Mines.

Place Your Bet
Use the bet panel to select a predefined bet amount or enter your own custom bet. Click the (-) and (+) buttons to move between bet options. Your available balance is displayed on the player balance section.
Choose Number of Mines
Adjust the number of mines on the field using the dropdown menu. Keep in mind that more mines increase the game's difficulty but also affect the odds and bet multiplier.
Start the Game
Click on a tile to reveal its content or use the “Pick Randomly” button to reveal a random tile. Be careful not to reveal a mine!
Reveal Stars and Avoid Mines
Continue to reveal stars while avoiding mines. Each revealed star increases your payout multiplier.
Cash Out
At any time, you can choose to cash out your winnings by clicking the “Cash Out” button. This ends the current round, and your winnings are added to your balance.

Strategy Tips

  • Start by selecting tiles on the outer edges of the board, as they tend to have a lower probability of containing mines.
  • As you reveal more stars, consider cashing out to secure your winnings, since the game becomes riskier with each revealed star.
  • Pay attention to the game's odds and bet multipliers when adjusting the number of mines on the field. While higher odds can lead to bigger wins, the risk of revealing a mine also increases.

Remember that the maximum winning odds for Mines are 5044291X. However, the maximum win is limited by the operator and can be accessed from the “Game Limits” section in the menu. Good luck and enjoy playing Mines!

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