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Discover the thrill and tactics of casino crash gambling games with “Goal.”

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💡 Hint: Turn on the rotation feature on your device to play in landscape mode 🔄. Then, in the game settings, hit the fullscreen button.

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Goal review 2024

Discover a new and exciting way to gamble online with “Goal”- a casino crash gambling concept based on the universe's most popular sport, football. Embark upon your journey to avoid mines, score goals, and grab the chance to multiply your bets, while enjoying the minimalistic graphics and engaging gameplay of this innovative casino game.

  • High volatility for enticing potential returns.
  • Large variety of betting options.
  • Engaging and simple graphic.
  • High RTP at 97%
  • No in-game chat function.
  • No musical sound.

Game Overview

“Goal” is a gambling game blending thrill, tactics, and randomness. Released on 2021-06-16, this captivating Football theme Mines game offers you an RTP of 97%. The high volatility and maximum jackpot of 10,000 ensures a thrilling and adventurous betting experience.

🔁 Return to Player97%
📆 ReleasedSpribe
⚙️ Software16-Jun-2021
🎨 ThemeFootball & Mines
📈 VolatilityHigh
Min Bet0.1
Max bet100
🧮 MultiplierFrom 1.21x
🏆 Max Win10.000x

Payout Data

“Goal” offers different game plans with varying grid sizes (small 3×4, medium 4×7 or large 5×10) and payout increases with each successful step on the field.

For the Small grid, you have payouts of 1.45x, 2.18x, 3.27x, and 4.91x your bet when you win on the first, second, third, and fourth columns, respectively.

As for the Medium grid, you will be given 1.29x, 1.72x, 2.29x, 3.06x, 4.08x, 5.45x, and 7.26x your bet when you land on the first to seventh columns.

Finally, for the Big grid, there are ten columns. They reward you with payouts of 1.21x, 1.51x, 1.89x, 2.36x, 2.96x, 3.70x, 4.62x, 5.78x, 7.22x, and 9.03x, for the first to tenth columns, respectively.

Key Features

“Goal” is not just another generic online betting game; it comes with a unique and compelling set of features that sets it apart:

Simplistic Graphics

The straightforward and unfussy design allows you to focus intensely on the game, adding to the overall excitement. Although simple, the football-themed visuals are well-executed and engaging with color contrasts that are easy on the eyes.

Gameplay Mechanics

“Goal” doesn't depend on luck alone. It blends the thrill of chance with strategic choices. Choose your path, avoiding the mines (or randomize your path if you love uncertainty) to maximize your multipliers.

Immersive Theme

The game wraps the crash gamble mechanics in a football premises. Each step you take can be the difference between hitting a mine or scoring a goal, making every move a suspenseful experience.

Grid Selections

The choice of playing on different grid sizes (small, medium, or large) adds an extra level of strategic depth to the game. Depending on your risk appetite and tactical plan, you can select the grid size that fits your style.

Sound Design

Even though the game doesn't use music, the simplicistic sound effects underline the tension and release at key moments, enhancing the atmosphere without distracting from the gameplay.

How to Play

Getting started with “Goal” is quite simple and easy, even for beginners. Its gameplay operates around navigating your way on a football field filled with invisible mines. You may select a path, or let the system choose one randomly to reveal either a path or a mine.

Let's take a detailed step-by-step journey on how to play and win:

Start by Placing a Bet: From the game's control panel, select the amount you want to bet. This can be done either by choosing from the predefined amounts or entering the amount manually.
Choose Your Grid: “Goal” offers three grid sizes- small (3×4), medium (4×7), and large (5×10). Depending on your risk tolerance and strategy, select a grid size that best suits your game plan.
Make Your Move: After setting your bet and selecting the grid size, it's time to start the game. Each column in the grid is a step towards the goal, but be careful as each row also hides a mine. Tiles can be revealed by selecting a certain tile in the current row or clicking the “pick randomly” button.
Strategize Your Gameplay: With each revealed tile, the payout multiplier increases. This heightens the thrill and keeps you on edge. Remember, the player can cash out winnings at any time by clicking the “Cash out” button before hitting a mine!
Use Auto Play Function (Optional): After becoming familiar with the game, you can use the Auto Play feature to automatically play the game according to your selected settings. This can be a fun way to relax and enjoy the game. However, be aware that this feature may not be available in some casinos.

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