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Engage in the adrenaline-pumping world of Crash X Football Edition, revamping the classic casino crash game with a unique football twist.

Crash X Football Edition Game Demo

πŸ’‘ Hint: Turn on the rotation feature on your device to play in landscape mode πŸ”„. Then, in the game settings, hit the fullscreen button.

Where to play Crash X Football Edition

The Crash X Football Edition can be enjoyed in numerous online casinos for a shot at real money. Dive into the thrilling experience now!

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Crash X Football Edition review 2024

Crash X Football Edition is a fascinating adaptation of the legendary crash gambling game, porting the raw excitement and anticipation into the much-adored world of football games. Developed by Turbo Games, this July 2022 release takes a unique turn by surrounding a classic thrill-seeking casino game with immersive football aesthetics.

Its vibrant visuals combined with an authentic, football fan-like atmosphere created by crowd noises makes this game a haven for both sports fanatics and risk takers. The ranking system further induces a competitive drive amongst users. The game also allows dual bets to maximize player engagement. Despite the high degree of thrill and excitement offered, the absence of an in-game chat platform is a small drawback.

  • Fresh, football-themed twist
  • Exciting music and sound effects
  • Interactive gameplay with real-time betting
  • No in-game chat option
  • High ping can hamper the gaming experience

Game Overview

Crash X Football Edition, developed by Turbo Games, was introduced to casino game enthusiasts in July 2022. This revamped version of the classic crash game entices players with its visually captivating football theme.

The game comprises exciting elements of soundtrack, with a mix of samba and bossa nova that creates an ambiance reminiscent of a real football match. The thrill of the game is accentuated by its RTP (Return to Player) of 97% and a potential jackpot win of 1000 times the stake. Here are some primary attributes of the game:

πŸ” Return to Player97%
πŸ“† ReleasedJuly 2022
βš™οΈ SoftwareTurbo Games
🎨 ThemeSports
πŸ“ˆ Volatilityadjustable
⏫ Min Bet0.1
⏬ Max bet100
πŸ† Max Win1000x


Crash X Football Edition rewards players based on a multiplier which increases from 1x at the start of the round. The longer you keep your bet in the game before “cashing out,” the higher the potential reward, up to a maximum win of 1000x. However, this comes with the risk of the ball ‘exploding', at which point any uncleared bets are lost. The game allows for two simultaneous bets, which are placed before the round begins and can be manually cleared or set to auto cashout once the multiplier hits the set target.

Key Features

Football Themed Soundtrack

The atmospheric mix of samba and bossa nova will carry you away with the rhythm of the game. It complements the football theme perfectly, immersing players into an environment reminiscent of lively football matches.

Top 3 Scores Display

Crash X Football Edition adopts a competitive edge by showcasing the top three scores of each round. This multiplayer aspect initiates a spirited race toward the gold, silver, and bronze trophies. Compete against others or improve your personal best β€” take the excitement to another level.

Appealing Gameplay and Game Style

Borrowing its roots from the Aviator while adding exclusivity with its football theme, this game possesses unique gameplay mechanics. The crash gambling dynamics are perfectly interwoven with thrilling football elements, resulting in a distinctive and enticing game style.

How to Play Crash X Football Edition

Bet Placement – Start by entering your desired bet amount in the “Amount” field. Subsequently, click on the “Place Bet” button. Remember, the game allows you to place two bets at the same time, maximizing the fun factor.
Choose When to Cash Out – Now comes the game of nerves: deciding when to cash out. Your bet keeps on multiplying as long as the ball doesn't explode (crash). You can either stick around until you reach your desired multiplier, or opt for a safer route by manually clicking the “Cash Out” button before the crash.
Opt for Autoplay – For those who prefer automated gameplay, Crash X Football Edition provides the Autoplay option. Here, you can set defined parameters such as bet amount, number of game rounds, cash out value, and desired actions upon a win/loss. Once your settings are configured, the system plays for you.
Check Your Bets History – Keep track of your games by referring to the “Bets History” option, giving you a comprehensive overview of your recently played games, along with top winning bets and a list of your recent bets.

Strategic Tips and Tricks

  • Evaluate risk and reward: It's important to strike a balance between risk and reward. While waiting for a higher multiplier can lead to significant winnings, it also increases the risk. Consider frequent, smaller cashouts for steady gains.
  • Use past results: Observe the results of past rounds to get an idea of when the ball typically crashes. This can provide some helpful insights for placing future bets.

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