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Taking thrills to the skies in an electrifying blend of casino crash mechanics and aerial combat.

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💡 Hint: Turn on the rotation feature on your device to play in landscape mode 🔄. Then, in the game settings, hit the fullscreen button.

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Aviatrix review 2024

Aviatrix stands out as a breakthrough in casino crash gambling games by seamlessly blending elements of aerial combat, NFTs and level-up systems. Players battle each other in aerial dogfights controlling their personalized planes. With its unique mechanics, a remarkable RTP of 97%, and a massive 10,000x jackpot, Aviatrix caters to both high gamble thrill seekers and aviation fanatics alike.

  • Groundbreaking integration of aerial combat and casino crash mechanics sets it apart
  • A high RTP (Return to Player) of 97% rewards players generously
  • The novel customization and reward distribution system using NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens)
  • Absence of in-game chat limits interaction among players
  • Complexity could be daunting for beginners

Game Overview

Aviatrix takes the traditional aviator game concept to new heights by adding an extra layer of excitement and engagement, thanks to unique NFT integration. Unlike standard aviator games, where the gameplay is solely based on random multipliers and time-ticking crash moments, Aviatrix infuses intense aerial combat and control into the mix.

🔁 Return to Player97%
📆 Released2022-10-06
⚙️ SoftwareAviatrix
🎨 ThemePlane Crashing Game
📈 VolatilityMedium
⏫ Min Bet0.1
⏬ Max bet300
🏆 Max Winx10.000

Players take the pilot's seat, battling it out in striking NFT aircraft. Your task? Outlast your competitors in the air, while also strategically plotting when to cash out before a potential crash.

What sets Aviatrix apart is that the aircraft you control aren't just profile skins; they represent unique NFTs – digital assets that you truly own. And these aren't merely for vanity or bragging rights; your aircraft NFT can be customized, upgraded, and even used to participate in Aviatrix's unique reward distribution system.

Rolling out a leaderboard feature, Aviatrix encourages friendly competition among players for various time periods. Numerous rainy day jackpots for the best in the game, coupled with the thrill of aerial competition, means it's not just the plane that's soaring – so are the stakes!

In essence, Aviatrix stands as a transformative blend of gambling, gaming, and digital asset ownership. It's not only a game of luck but also a game of strategy, where players need to anticipate when to bail out, coupled with the management of their unique digital assets.


In Aviatrix, the idea is simple. The longer your plane stays in the sky, the bigger the reward. However, there's a catch. The plane could crash at any moment, so you need to ‘cash out’ before that happens. If you cash out successfully, your winning is calculated as your bet multiplied by the multiplier at your cash-out moment.

You can place your bets on each flight. Further, if you wish to amplify the thrill, you could place two bets independently of one another. This means you could win in one and lose in another in a single round.

The maximum betting limit is 300 and the minimum is 0.1, with a maximum win multiplier of 10,000x.

Key Features


A visually compelling interface with unconventional aircraft designs optimizes user excitement.

Gameplay Mechanics

An intriguing mix of aerial combats and casino crash mechanics enhances user engagement.


Synchronized immersive sounds that elevate the overall aerial experience.


Establishing dominance in the skies employing customizable NFT aircraft.

How to Play Aviatrix

Here are some basic steps to start to play:

Set Your Bet: Choose your bet amount within a range of 0.1 to 300.
Wait for The Round: Wait for the round to start, and this is where the thrill strikes.
Multiplier Watch: Keep an eye on the multiplier, it increases as long as your plane stays in the air.
Cash Out: Decide when to cash out before the plane crashes. You can manually decide this or use the ‘autoplay mode' to set a pre-defined cash-out point.
Dual Betting: Remember, in Aviatrix, you can place two independent bets each round to rise the stakes.

Strategic Tips and Tricks

  • Spend some time understanding the game mechanics by observing a few rounds.
  • As a beginner, start with smaller bets to get accustomed to when you should cash out.
  • Utilize ‘autoplay mode' to set your desired and calculated cash-out points.

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